Monday, June 15, 2015

The Discerning Lyricist 150th Post: The Order of Things From Here


You know, I glanced over some of my earliest posts the other day, and found myself simultaneously repulsed and inspired - repulsed that I once thought this rubbish publishable, and inspired that I have improved both as a writer and a reader to the point where I can recognize and reject at least some of my own rubbish when I see it.

I started this blog as an outlet for my thoughts on musicals, which I ran out of in short order to a degree that came as a surprise to absolutely no one but me. My long hiatus corresponded with the period in which I finished and graduated college, and following that I briefly repurposed this as a personal blog that could serve as an online home for all of my casual, multi-topic rambles.

Given the insidious mission creep of late, I thought this milestone might present an opportunity to re-focus my efforts on this blog and delegate some of my other efforts. Henceforth, this shall be the way of things:

  • The Discerning Lyricist blog will house all of my articles and essays on music and the musical theatre, as well as any original songs I write and all of my (one hopes) world-famous limerick reviews.
  • Cinemibus (, my newer blog, will house the Cinemibus webseries, the Cinemibus Podcast, and any essays I might do on non-musical topics, particularly film analysis.
  • As ever, you can find my Talking Picture and original song videos on Youtube at and my Cinemibus webseries and Discerning Lyricist videos on Vimeo at
To those of you who read the blog, be you regular or freshly-arrived, thank you. I can promise you the work will only get better from here.

A. Stefan Melnyk

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